sigma38webreadylogoThe Sigma 38 Class Association is delighted to be holding their European Championships at Cork Week 2010.  Since Cork Week 2008 the class has seen a significant resurgence in numbers of boats participating in both IRC, inshore and offshore, and in One Design racing. The turnouts have been noteworthy and the yachting fraternity is really noticing this hardy perennial yacht. When racing in IRC Sigma 38s have been successful in varied conditions, with boats regularly winning.  Sigma 38s dominated IRC 3 in the prestigious Hamble Winter Series taking the top 4 places. 

The class is committed to maintaining high standards of racing through a combination of regular coaching with top coaches as well as a policy of cascading knowledge from established teams down to newcomers though friendly advice and a very active class website. A number of boats have new owners, are engaging with the Class in numbers not seen in several years and are expected at Cork.

A number of Cork “veterans” are eagerly anticipating their returning to this fabulous regatta including the current European Champion, Dublin based boat Errislannan, and the Grand Champion With Alacrity.  

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Susan Rainger
Secretary to the Sigma 38 OOD Class Association