Its been a wild and exciting day here,  we have had some serious wind shifts, sunshine and protests but above all, spectacular sailing! 2 races completed here on the slalom, despite the best efforts of the wind gods to disrupt us. Today is the kind of day that makes Cork Week special! Live updates sponsored by O2 Daunt Square.

We have just had a major wind shift to the west here, approx 70 to 90 degrees! IRC zero were fetching towards the windward markbeen race 1 for IRC 0 has been abandoned. The whole course is being lifted and reset as I type. Live updates sponsored by O2 Daunt Square.

Race officer on the slalom course has gne into starting sequence for IRC . He has issued a notice to the fleet that while he is happy to start racing, he is prepared to abandon and restart if shifts in wind affect the course in a significant way. He has pushed back class ones start to observe conditions. Live Updates Sponsored b O2 Daunt Square.


Wednesday morning dawns to two new races courses here at Cork week 2012. Fleet A joins us on th slalom course approx 3 miles ESE of Roches Point, while fleet b is taking on the windward leeward west of us. Currently very variable winds out here. We are starting to see the fleet arriving out but still much debate as to the best plan for the race course. We keep you up to date! Live updates sponsored by O2 Daunt Square.