Race 1 was completed in just over an hour. The wind is proving steady and we have just had all the start sequences for race 2 for all of Fleet A. IRC 0 had a clean start. IRC 1 went into the start sequence but had an answering pennant put up as the commitee felt the line was unfair. The line was reset and thefleet were started but it came t general recall. The race officer decided to use a black flag but this time the start was clear. 1720s all clear also. The course for all of fleet A is the same as earlier today but the marks have been spaced out to give a longer race! It’s been some lovely clean racing so far, let’s hope the afternoon is as smooth! Updates sponsored by O2 Daunt Square.

1720’s: Last start on race 1 on the trapezoid, 1720s all clear! Let’s get racing!
IRC 1 Start: IRC 1 just away, again a nice clean start. Updates sponsored by O2 Daunt Square
IRC 0 Start: We are away on the trapezoid course! All clear on the start, IRC 1 coming up.
Racing updates – Fleet A: Start vessel for fleet A has just anchored 4 miles east south east of Roches point. are have the trapezoid course today, two races for each fleet will be raced. Fleet A consists of IRC 0, IRC 1 and Cork 1720s. Wind is really beginning fill in now, we have about 15 knots from the NW. Not long now until the first gun. Live updates sponsored by O2 Daunt Square.

Morning folks! The site down here in Crosshaven is starting to come to life. The sun is shining out in the harbour and there might even be a breeze milling about! Not long until the racing starts. Stay glued to the Cork Week 2012 website for as many live updates as possible from the racing. Even if your stuck at your desk, you can still keep up with the action on the water here at Cork Week 2012. Live updates sponsored by O2 Daunt Square.