Vessels and crews travelling from the outside of the EU(including Great Britain) face little restriction for this event however the following should be noted:

  1. Vessels should keep proof of VAT paid status on board at all times
  2. On arrival in Ireland, fly flag Q and contact the harbourmaster or Customs at the first port of entry.. Details for the Port of Cork Harbourmaster are here
  3. There is no excise duty payable for vessels from outside of the EU on the following basis:Temporary Admission of a non EU vessel including spare parts for minor repairs or servicing is allowed without formality by a person established outside the EU for a maximum period of 18 months provided it is for private use. Sail Boats and associated equipment may be imported temporarily for sports events. You will be required to report to Customs to complete any paperwork(such as an ATA Carnet)

Boats travelling from Northern Ireland are for now recognised as having both UK status and “union status” thus can continue to travel freely between the North and South.