Making your visit to Volvo Cork Week 2020 easier.

We in the Royal Cork Yacht Club have teamed up with Sevenstar Yacht Transport to help with the logistics of transporting yachts and/or equipment to Volvo Cork Week 2020.

Sevenstar is the world leader in the transport of yachts and equipment all around the world, and has recently added the Racing Yacht Logistics division to specifically cater for the yacht racing community.

Sevenstar Racing Yacht Logistics will offer competitors a team of experts to advise on race yacht transport. They will also ship other essential racing equipment, including spares, masts and RIBs, making sure that teams are fully race-ready by the time the start gun goes off in Cork!

For more information or for a personalised quote please contact Sevenstar directly on or call Wouter Verbraak on + 44 7557 526 451.  Wouter will be more than happy to help you find a solution that meets your needs.