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Live Updates: Final Day

Harbour race for all classes today, this race is always a great one for on shore spectators and sailors alike. It really showcases the wonderful resource we have on our doorstep here in Cork. The fleet is just heading out to about 2 miles south of Roches Point for the start of  our final race. Live Updates Sponsored by O2 Daunt Square.…

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Live Updates: Day 4

Race one under way:

Its windy and wet out here but we are underway on the A Fleets race 1. It’s about 12 to 15 knots with a very confused sea state. IRC  0 are half way up their second upwind leg as I type. I will try to keep you up to date! Live updates sponsored by O2 Daunt Square.


It’s a real soft Irish day here at day 4 of Cork Week 2012. All change today for the fleets, changes have been made to the planned courses due to forecasted wind directions. Fleet A will sail a Windward Leeward course south east of Roches point today whilst the fleet B smaller boats will have the same course …

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Live Updates: Day 3

Its been a wild and exciting day here,  we have had some serious wind shifts, sunshine and protests but above all, spectacular sailing! 2 races completed here on the slalom, despite the best efforts of the wind gods to disrupt us. Today is the kind of day that makes Cork Week special! Live updates sponsored by O2 Daunt Square.

We have just had a major wind shift to the west here, approx 70 to 90 degrees! IRC zero were fetching towards the windward markbeen race 1 for IRC 0 has been abandoned. The whole course is being lifted and reset as I type. Live updates sponsored by O2 Daunt Square.

Race officer on the slalom course has gne into starting …

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Live Updates: Day 2

RACE 2: Bit of a strange wind day here, race 1 experienced much variability an wind speed and direction. The wind has now swung around to the West. For race 2, the course had to be relayed but we now have some wind picking up, making some interesting racing. IRC 2, 3 and 4 all started cleanly. Non spinnikars had a general recall on their first start and had a black flag raised on the second but the line was clear. There seems to have been an incident on the line although it’s not fully clear. Live updates sponsored by O2 Daunt Square.

Morning everyone. Here on the trapezoid course again today, this time with fleet B. Wind is pretty …

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Live from the action: shoreside heating up

Race 1 was completed in just over an hour. The wind is proving steady and we have just had all the start sequences for race 2 for all of Fleet A. IRC 0 had a clean start. IRC 1 went into the start sequence but had an answering pennant put up as the commitee felt the line was unfair. The line was reset and thefleet were started but it came t general recall. The race officer decided to use a black flag but this time the start was clear. 1720s all clear also. The course for all of fleet A is the same as earlier today but the marks have been spaced out to give a longer race! It’s been …

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