Entry Form

Early bird entry, big Discounts till the 1st of May.EventDailyPrice after the 1st of May
SB20 Southerns€100€125
Dragon Southerns€150€180
1720 Southerns€150€180
Sportsboat Classes€250€275
Below 21 feet€210€50€240
21 feet to 27 feet€275€65€305
28 feet to 33 feet€320€75€360
34 feet to 39 feet€395€90€440
40 feet to 44 feet€480€105€530
45 feet to 49 feet€620€140€690
50 feet and above€820€185€890

Please complete the form below before the 1st of May 2018 in order to avail of the big discounts with the early bird entry prices.